Leasing vs Buying a Mercedes-Benz in Milwaukee North WI

lease vs buy mercedes benz

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz of Milwaukee North for your luxury car shopping. We’re your certified neighborhood Mercedes-Benz dealership serving in Milwaukee WI and its surrounding areas. Come and explore our extensive selection of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and a range of competitively priced pre-owned vehicles available for leasing and buying. Before you go to the next step in your luxury car buying or leasing process, we have a question for you? Have you ever considered Mercedes-Benz leasing? Taking all the benefits and financial flexibility of Mercedes-Benz lease deals into account, you may want to explore the Mercedes-Benz leasing options too. If you’re finding it hard to decide between leasing vs buying Mercedes-Benz, then this guide will help you compare each option by analyzing a multitude of factors.

Here we have a comparison table for leasing vs buying a Mercedes-Benz.

Leasing vs Buying Mercedes-Benz

Up-Front Cost Typically, the up-front cost is less than a down payment when you choose a loan to buy a car. If you buy, the up-front cost can be significantly higher.
Vehicle-Ownership Leasing doesn’t make you the car-owner. However, you have the choice to choose a new Mercedes-Benz when you extend your lease. After you paid off the loan, you own your Mercedes-Benz.
Monthly Payment The monthly payment for Mercedes-Benz leasing is generally smaller than a car-purchase. That’s because lease payments include only the vehicle depreciation not the total car price. The monthly payment of auto loan is generally higher than leasing. This is because you pay for the full price of the vehicle.
Mileage Restriction Each Mercedes-Benz Leasing comes with mileage limits. A vehicle-leasing agreenent includes a standard amount of miles related to vehicle depreciation. Fees are incurred for extra miles accrued. When you buy a car, you pay the cost for maintenance, service and repair of your Mercedes-Benz car.
Repair Cost Mercedes-Benz leasing includes warranty maintenance that covers most maintenance and repair costs. When you buy a car, you pay the cost for maintenance, service and repair of your Mercedes-Benz car.
Contract A Mercedes-Benz leasing is a long-term car renting contract. If you end the lease early, expect to pay early-termination fees. Your lease agreement doesn’t allow you to make vehicle customizations too. Car-purchase means no contract. Enjoy the trade-in option, and customize it as you please

Frequently Asked Questions Leasing vs Buying


Here is a set of frequently asked questions on leasing vs buying.

I enjoy changing car every two to three years. Should I lease or buy?


Look at your vehicle ownership history and consider analyzing any future financial changes and your personal situation before moving forward. If your typical car-ownership range is less than 3 years, then Mercedes-Benz leasing may best fit your needs.


I drive more than 15,000 miles per year. Should I lease or buy?


Your commuting habits play an important role too. Do you drive far to work every day, or you will just be using your brand-new Mercedes-Benz as a weekend cruiser only? Think about these and find out where your new Mercedes-Benz fits in this capacity. If your driving range goes over 15,000 miles in a year, then car-purchase may work best for you.


I love customizing my vehicle. Should I lease or buy?


Whether you want one of our certified pre-owned C-Class, or you have selected the new model of a brand-new GLC 300, you can never customize your car if you lease it. Even a slight modification on your leased vehicle can violate the lease terms. Your leasing term always requires you to return your vehicle in factory condition at the term-end. Buying, contrariwise, allows you to make custom modifications on your vehicle. If vehicle personalization is what you want, then you may consider to buy your Mercedes-Benz.


I love to trade-in my vehicle. Should I lease or buy?


If you expect a return on what you have spent on your vehicle, then car-buying is your option. Think about how you will be utilizing your vehicle in the future. With a Mercedes-Benz leasing, you don’t have the trade-in option. Financially speaking, having an instant cash-value on your car is a cool thing. But again, we all have different reasons for having a vehicle. If building an equity, cash-value and trade-in interest you, then choose to buy your car instead of leasing it.


I like a package that covers maintenance and repair costs. Should I lease or buy?


Your Mercedes-Benz needs maintenance and scheduled servicing as recommended by the manufacturer. If you buy a car, these costs are not typically covered after the factory warranty ends. In contrast, a Mercedes-Benz leasing agreement includes the GAP protection coverage, maintenance and repair costs all within its warranty. Sounds cool, right? If all-included is what you want, then Mercedes-Benz leasing may work in your favor.


Why Should You Lease of Buy from Mercedes-Benz Benz of Milwaukee North?

At our dealership, we are always eager to provide you with the assistance in finance, sales, and servicing. As soon as you are here, our team will tailor your luxury car-buying experience based on your preferences and drivability needs. Luxury car shopping can be affordable; choose from our competitive new-car specials or leasing offers, and find out more about our auto-financing options at our Finance Center. Whether you choose to buy or lease with us, our committed team will make your luxury car-shopping journey an enjoyable one. Here are some of our special offers:




Browse our official website for more information and stop by our dealership at 1400 W Silver Spring Dr #105, Milwaukee, WI 53209 to start with your luxury car purchase journey.

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Jessica Kelly is a wonderful dealer who was attentive, smart, very flexible and delivered one of the most pleasant car buying experiences I’ve ever had. Be sure to request her if you’re a new Mercedes-Benz buyer who wants a first class experience without feeling any pressure.

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Sells Man Gary Okla great sold me my first 2022 and I’m 27 years old first car ever being in my name

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Jessica was very helpful and knowledgeable in assisting me find my dream car.

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Jessica Kelly is a tremendous sales advisor who provides terrific customer service. She and her team took great care of me throughout the sales and financing process by keeping me well informed & educated throughout the process. There was a minor issue upon delivery of my car and the dealership went out of their way to make sure it got repaired in a timely manner. The car, I have right now, is a placeholder and I have been contacted by other dealers about upgrading. However, I’ve said no to them all so that I can continue to work with ...

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I purchased 3 vehicles from this dealership and I have Been treated so well. In each dealing my sales sale person name is Jessica Kelly. She is very professional, and friendly. I will never deal with any sales lady or dealership.

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Jessica was very patient, helpful and proactive in ensuring I received my car. I would definitely recommend going through her, she advocates for her customers.

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I absolutely love this location super clean and very helpful and polite staff. The one that stood out the most and helped me was Jessica. She was so nice and very helpful. She also made me feel very welcomed and made sure I left completely satisfied with the service I received. I would most definitely recommend everyone to pay her a visit.

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Jessica was Very professional process was smooth and easy purchasing my new 2022 GLE350 would recommend working with her if looking for a new car

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