Mercedes-Benz Car Payment Relief in Milwaukee, WI

Mercedes-Benz Car Payment Relief

Lenders and Auto Loan Relief Programs

At Mercedes-Benz of Milwaukee North, we know that life is filled with twists and turns, and there may be instances in many people’s lives when faced with financial stress. The far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may still be impacting you, or perhaps you are dealing with other financial stressors. If you are having trouble making your Mercedes-Benz auto loan payment, now is the time to reach out to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services directly for more information about debt relief solutions that could be available to you.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Many of our customers at Mercedes-Benz of Milwaukee North obtained financing through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and some individuals may qualify for a payment deferral. The lender will review a deferment request, and the lender will make an individual decision for each request. You can conveniently get more details about your loan relief options and discuss your situation with the lender by contacting your account’s customer service phone number or using the online chat feature.

End of Lease Options

Are you stressing about how you will manage the end-of-lease period for your leased Mercedes-Benz car or crossover SUV? When you took out your lease, you may have had plans to either surrender the vehicle at the end of the lease or to trade up to a lease on a new vehicle at that time. However, now that your situation has changed, you may be eager to explore other options. One idea is to request a short-term extension to your lease. Another option is to take out a loan to finance the remaining balance on your lease. Buying out your lease allows you to own your Mercedes-Benz without a car payment eventually.

Loan Deferment FAQs

What is a Mercedes-Benz Loan Deferment?

A loan deferment is one type of debt relief available to account holders with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. This form of relief pauses your current payments for a short period, such as for a few months. The lease term is extended by the length of the deferment period. The payments missed during the deferment will be due on the back end of the loan. The ability to push back the due date on some of your auto loan payments may be precisely what you need to get caught up on your finances.

How Does a Mercedes-Benz Loan Deferment Impact My Credit Score?

You may assume that pushing back your loan payments would damage your credit score. Normally, this is true. However, once a deferral has been approved for the loan, you can act on the deferral terms without facing penalties on your credit rating. Only payments that are not covered by the deferment period will impact your credit score, so you should carefully follow the terms of the deferment.

How Do I Request a Mercedes-Benz Loan Deferment?

Requesting a loan deferment is easy to do. Contact Mercedes-Benz Financial Services directly by phone or through your account online. A customer service agent can process your request for a deferment.